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Work from Home Businesses – How & Why I Started My Own Business

Being that I’m a stay at home, work from home, mother of two I often get asked “how can I work from home like you?”, so I will go into some more detail about what type of work I do, how I got started, etc. to shed some light on this fabulous opportunity!

Why Choose to Work from Home

I had never been a homebody before, so the idea to work from home had never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until after I gave birth to my baby boy that I realized how much the opportunity to spend more time at home would change the game for my family and I. Crazy thing is, I did have awesome benefits at my bank job and had four years tenure, which wasn’t all that but it was something. My pay was alright and I loved my team.

Many of the work from home jobs I found offered extremely low pay, or only had contractor positions which meant zero benefits. I definitely had to weigh the pros and cons, discuss it with my significant other, and even spoke with my mom to see if I was making a sound decision.

My ultimate decision was grounded in the fact that I would be saving on child care, commuting expenses, and overall extra spending. As an added bonus, I don’t have to worry about the early morning hustle and bustle routine that so many experience day after day.

After two years of officially being a part of the work from home community, I have come to realize some cons as well, which I will discuss later on.

What Type of Work Do You Do

Are you ready for this… I am a Travel Business Owner! Can you believe I was able to find a business venture that I can be passionate about every minute of the day? Me either, but it has truly changed my life and has given me purpose larger than I’d ever dreamed of.

I was able to become an independent rep with an amazing marketing company that was started three years ago, as well as a Travel Agency that has over 25 years of experience in the field, not to mention an A rating with the BBB and 4.5 star employee rating on Indeed. Immediately, I fell in love with the idea of knowing that I would be able to book dream vacations for family and friends, as well as make my own vacation fantasies come to life, all while being able to bring money into my home through multiple streams of income.

Now, I help others get started as Travel Business Owners so they, too, can earn extra income and travel more. Once I became plugged into the company culture, the leadership and training far exceeded my expectations.

I am able to earn money not only by booking travel for myself and others, but also for sharing my website so people all over can book their own vacations on their time. I’m also compensated for every travel business I help start. My mentors and success coaches are always a phone call away and they provide motivation unlike any other organization I have ever been a part of.

How Do I Find Work From Home Opportunities

So my typical day of looking for work from home opportunities consisted of spending about five hours on Indeed, and a couple of hours on Craigslist every day. I was still working my corporate job so I wasn’t really in a hurry to find something, I was able to take my time, fortunately.

After sifting through millions of scams and positions I under-qualified for, I came across a video that sent me on a frenzy. This advertisement featured people strolling along crystal blue waves, couples enjoying the shade of their beach side cabanas, as well as a large group of adults enjoying a yacht party, and in the midst of it all they were speaking about reclaiming your life goals and giving yourself the life you deserve.

I was sold on the concept, but unable to find a website with more information on this golden ticket, or a way to sign up. All I had was a YouTube video that Google had been magically delivered to me.

Finally, I caught a break! I was able to get a hold of the name of a director within the company, looked them up on FaceBook and sent a message straight away. My life’s course was altered about 10 minutes later when I got the call. Not only was this a real business opportunity, but the investment was so small compared to fees and licensing for other positions I considered within reality, life insurance and a few others.

The best part of all was that I could earn while I learn, meaning that money was only a few clicks away. No lengthy application process (although I did have a sort of interview to get me started) and no waiting until certain training or learning is completed (you will never stop learning in the travel industry).

My advice to you… Fill out applications like it’s a full-time job, don’t be afraid of something new or different, and follow your dreams no matter where they might take you!

Am I Ready to Become a Business Owner

It goes without saying that everything is not for every one, and the same goes for owning a business. You can, of course, find a position within a company that allows you to work from the comforts of your own home, or you can step out on faith to do what may seem “unthinkable” to others. ​ Why not make additional income with a part-time job that can eventually pay you for life and even help you retire early? For some, this is a no-brainer. For others, the vision may be blurred.

I have known for years that I wanted to be a CEO and run a business that would offer an undeniable service. I also knew that I would need to restructure my thought process and face some fears I had been running from.

So is it easy to own a business and be completely responsible for the production and survival of a lucrative operation? Heck no! But once you get a glimpse of the reward attached, you may not even consider what difficult tasks must be accomplished to succeed.

It may be easier for those who are competitive, money-driven and already knowledgeable about business operations. Others who may be more introverted, less confident of their abilities, or just unsure of what success means to them might find this type of venture to be a challenge.

Either way, if you don’t go after what you want and at least try, then how can you know what could have been? It is better to fail at trying than to not take the risk at all.

Bottom Line

While there are some cons to working from from home like being stuck in the house all day, not being around other adults and the possibility of going crazy from Cabin Fever (not a pretty sight, please find ways to get out every once in awhile), nothing is more awesome than being in the comfort of your own domain and getting to enjoy your family along the way. You get to work in whatever environment you wish to create, no one is looking over your shoulder, and you will be free to enjoy time with your child(ren) on breaks and downtime.

The fact that I work from home, and am able to call myself a business owner, still shocks me to this day. I never imagined I could start a business without needing a business loan, or not having to worry about excessive monthly overhead costs to keep things running. If you aren’t scared to create an empire for you or your family, and even if you are a little hesitant, please make the decision to take the shot.

I’m always here to listen, motivate, inspire, or help you in any way I can. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel it’s time to make a change. It begins with you, and only when you are ready.

Nothing but Love.

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