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The Struggle Is Real. The Reward Is Realer.

I sometimes isolate myself to avoid being open about how I feel towards my current situation. Every day is a reminder that I did not accomplish something the day before, yet it’s also a fresh start and a chance to get it right. This is a great example of the path one must choose in life. Will you be steeped in regret as you try to move along, or will you choose to bask in the gratitude of knowing you have another shot?

These days, I’ve chosen to begin creating the future I want instead of looking back on what I failed to do. I know that isolation is not the answer, and my social butterfly needs to be released, free to roam about once more. Now that the positive thinking is finally taking over, I must put the action behind the thought. Many people around me have fallen victim to procrastination, excuses, time loss, and so much more because of not taking action. I, however, can not choose that road and must keep training my mind to take on our biggest challenge yet. And that is the acquirement of complete FREEDOM:

  • Time Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • Generational Freedom

The list above is part of my “why” behind the reason I wanted to become a business owner, which lead me to making the investment of a lifetime. Why do I bring this up? Well, before I started my business, I was yet another lost soul who put their dreams aside in order to “live”. My day was filled with all the typical complaints of an employee within Corporate America. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a 9-5, but now work from home with a small group of others.

After stepping fully into the world of Entrepreneurship, I began a self development journey that I never expected to be on. Corporate America, and even the world of retail, was built around working your way up the ladder so that you might eventually be able to manage a team of some sort. In my retail days, I strove to become a shift manager and almost made it… except when Corporate America called offering a salary nearly twice what I was making. I was young and ambitious, I knew I was meant to be successful, so I took the job offer and spent the next 4 years being a great employee.

It wasn’t until a year ago that I realized being a CEO was a real dream that I could make come true. Why should I continue helping someone else grow their brand when I desire to create a brand myself? How much more time must I waste being imprisoned by a boss, computer and chair for eight hours, five days out of the week? Will this lifestyle help me check “become successful business owner” off my five-year plan? The answer was a loud, “no”!

Now is my time, and it can be your time, too. We aren’t getting any younger. I will continue enriching my mind, while plotting out a way to see six figures by January 2020. Manifestation, Law of Attraction, Affirmations and much more will be a part of creating the Leader I am destined to be. Changing other peoples lives is part of my plan as well, which this blog will help with, hopefully. But more importantly I will be able to help others become small business owners and know that my success was built on making a difference in another person’s life, or within a family, for generations to come.

So, now that you have a little background information on me and my life, and what I plan on building for my future, please share your story with me. What stresses in your life would you like removed? How can you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones? The World is yours, so don’t take any more time for granted starting now. Let positivity rule the day, and stay tuned for more inspiration & positive thinking activities to come.

Nothing but Love.

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