The Law of Attraction for Success – How to Manifest Your Dreams

To be successful you must be passionate, dedicated, focused and driven. The vision of your end goal has to be something worth fighting for, otherwise there is no reason to push yourself. Anytime you see yourself achieving what you have set out to do, or daydream about accomplishing a goal you have been working towards, you are using the Law of Attraction. How does this universal law help us? Read on to find out!

What is The Law of Attraction

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is positive thinking. Sounds simple, right? The concept is definitely easy to grasp, but the change in mentality that this law requires is somewhat of a war. I am not going to dive too deep, but I want to help you scratch the surface of this amazing power you can unleash in your life.

Using the Law of Attraction for success is no different from using it for financial increase, a new house, or even love. However, the topics I am about to cover will discuss ways in which you can accelerate your use of the law in effort to see the success you desire… if you’re ready, let’s get to it!

Positive Thinking

We all know about the Golden Rule, right? Treat others as you would like to be treated, and that’s all it takes to start seeing change. For example, if someone disagrees with you on something and you can see it may lead to an argument, without even thinking “they are so wrong” or “how ignorant can they be”, find a way to accept that person’s opinion and steer the conversation into a positive direction. This will put out the negative fire before it burns anybody.

Here is another example of utilizing positivity versus giving into negative behavior. It’s Saturday morning, you have a list of business goals or personal goals to accomplish, but you are already dreading getting out of bed. You’re thinking about how long it may take to run your errands, or maybe you know that paying certain bills today may instantly drain your account. You would much rather binge watch season one of that show everyone’s talking about so you can be ready for season two.

Again, I’m only going to touch the surface, but you must change your mental routine in order for the positive vibes to sink in. Sticking to the scenario above, let’s go through this same Saturday morning from the positive thinking standpoint of a successful person’s mind.

Friday, the night prior to this eventful morning you know is to come, you write out a list of the top five items that must be completed. When you lay down to get some sleep, you think something like “I can’t wait to be productive tomorrow and complete the goals I have written down”. This kind of thinking will lead to better rest and a more positive attitude in the morning to come.

So Saturday morning arrives, you open your eyes and first thing you do is give thanks for being alive yet another day. You may also use this initial quiet time to meditate on how you want your day to go or recite affirmations, which we will cover in a second.

Now, you have felt gratitude for your life and are looking forward to starting a brand new day. Your body should feel light, and you may even gain a subtle increase in energy due to the positive vibes you are producing. When your feet hit the floor, your mind is gearing up for a happy and productive day versus feelings of wanting to do anything BUT the task at hand.

Think of it this way… Every thought you have is a wish you make. The better your thoughts, and the more you practice positive thinking habits, the greater your success.


Now, we move on to Affirmations! These go hand in hand with positive thinking. It’s all about affirming what you want to yourself and the universe.

Basically, you will come up with phrases that inspire you and promote positive feelings. These words which you will speak to yourself at least once a day will also help recycle your negative thoughts with positive ones which will help your confidence significantly.

Here is an example of some affirmations I say every day to attract success into my life

  • I am successful
  • I attract opportunities to myself
  • I have an abundance of wealth
  • My bank account is increasing every day
  • I am healthy, wealthy and wise

This is just a handful of the different affirmations I use. Once I have gotten out of bed, I like to recite them in the bathroom so I can look at myself while I say them. You must believe what you are speaking, you must feel it and know it is true. Saying it out loud while having a stare down with myself in the mirror is something I enjoy because when I have finished I feel like I can conquer the world, no matter what may come my way.

You can say these throughout the day as well, which I often do when I can feel nasty thoughts trying to creep through. I recommend at least saying them once in the morning as a way to add it to your morning ritual. Repeat them as often as you like and think up other ones whenever you can, it’s fun to be creative and switch it up.


And finally, we have arrived to my favorite Law of Attraction tool… Visualization! This is basically intense daydreaming. You can get as into it as you want, but the clearer you can see what you envision, the sooner you will attract opportunities to help you get there.

Something easy to start with is visualizing your dream car, but you are in the driver seat! Feel your fingers gripping the wheel, imagine the seat belt is strapped across your chest and you are checking your mirrors. You slide the key into the ignition, or maybe you simply push a button, and vroom the engine cranks up. The better you are at seeing yourself with the things you desire, and the situations you wish to be in, the more doors you open within the world.

You can try visualization exercises with any type of situation or item you desire. See yourself in the business attire you wish to be wearing, there you are speaking on stage and sharing your story with others. See you as the Leader you want to be. You must be what you want to become, otherwise you will never be.

Watch the Magic Work

The three topics covered in this article have shown you ways to manifest the success you wish to claim. While these will certainly help you mentally and emotionally, you are responsible for the physical work. Don’t expect these tactics to work if you are not putting in the effort.

Success doesn’t come easy, and the main reason this is so has to do with our minds. The brain has been trained to go with the flow of life, but now we must create our life. We have to be intentional with our thoughts and our efforts. We have to stay consistent, determined, motivated, and know that we are truly unstoppable.

If you already incorporate these practices into your daily routine, or will be doing so soon, please let me know in the comments below. What do you think will help you most? What practices are already attracting success to you?

Nothing but love.

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