The Best Way To Book A Vacation – Two Great Options

Do you love vacationing, but wish you could shorten the time it takes to plan something everyone will enjoy? Or maybe you want to ensure that you are receiving the best in value and service. Stress no more, I have some great options to help you keep things easy, fun and simple!

Personal Website

With so many travel sites to choose from, it can make the booking process much longer than needed. You want to have peace of mind knowing that you’re hard-earned money is getting you the best value, whether you need help during booking or even while on the trip. Shouldn’t that come with your purchase as well? Of course, it should!

The best way to book a vacation online, and receive the peace of mind we just discussed, can be found through InteleTravel. Just a quick history, InteleTravel has over 25 years of industry experience and is known as the original home based travel agency. When you book your travel on an InteleTravel site, you are backed by a top-notch agency and are also supporting a small business owner. That’s right! Every InteleTravel agent is an independent Travel Business Owner, so when you shop with one of their agents you are actually contributing to the success of someone who is trying to build their business.

Since InteleTravel has partnerships with a wide range of suppliers, we guarantee to beat the competition or at least meet them. If you were to find a cheaper rate somewhere else, we will match it. If you would like to give InteleTravel a try, please click here to view my booking site!

Travel Agent

Another way to ensure you have a great time on your trip is to link up with a Travel Agent. This may sound old-fashioned to some, but Travel Agents are increasing and sales are booming. Why is that?

Well, when you utilize an actual agent, you can let them know exactly what you want out of your vacation. They will then try their best to find something in your budget that covers as many needs as possible. Through this bond you form, you will know that should something happen to cause a change in your plans, you don’t have to fix it alone.

Working with an agent will also allow you the opportunity to purchase travel insurance, which will protect you in the event that you are unable to go through with your vacation plans for some reason. This saves tons of people from heartache every year and can make the planning of your trip less stressful.

Something else you may not have considered is that your Travel Agent will begin to understand your travel style the more you book with them, meaning they know what specials and promotions would suit you in effort to help you travel even more. Many agents also offer tickets for sports games, concerts, Broadway, etc. which can add pleasant surprises to your time away if you choose to inquire. If you would like to check out ticket pricing for an event you don’t want to miss, click here to view what’s available.

As an added treat, once you find an agent, booking trips to Disney or Universal (and any other amusement park you may love) becomes much easier. No need to look for discounts or the best ticket package. Simply let your agent know what you wish to do and they can take it from there. How awesome is that?!

Getting the Best Deals

Although we covered how you can get more personalized service, which can lead to deals being sent your way, I want to help you understand how to take advantage of your opportunities so you can save as much as possible on your travel.

Whether you decide to book yourself online using their personal website, or you choose to let them plan the trip for you, make sure your agent has your email address as well as your home address. Why? This will allow your agent to get you every hot deal that comes across their desk. They will also be able to send you free travel newsletters, postcards, or other travel info via snail mail.

Imagine that instead of thinking about where to go on your next vacation, the answer comes instantly to you when you get an email for a 3-day stay in Mexico for $200. Or maybe the Alaskan cruise brochure your agent mailed out to you is calling your name. So be open with your agent about your likes and dislikes, and don’t be afraid that they will start spamming you with unwanted emails (this should not happen from a credible agent). We simply wish to help you live out your dreams while keeping it all affordable.

Bonus Option

Oh, wait! I didn’t tell you about another great way to save on travel. If you find yourself booking trips often for family and friends, or you desire to travel more, or you just plain need a way to earn extra income, then maybe you should consider becoming a Travel Business Owner.

There is no better feeling than being able to continue helping your family and friends create magical getaways, but now you can reap the benefits of all your hard work and know that the people you love are being cared for by the best… YOU!

As an independent agent, you can create your own schedule and work your business as often as you like. All you’re doing is letting others book with you on your personal site, or with you directly. No inventory to purchase, and no sales quotas to meet. You truly become your own boss, not to mention that you get to save on your personal travel.

If you want to read more on becoming a Travel Agent, please review this post I completed which will answer many more questions about this amazing opportunity. You may also email me direct at or leave a comment below and I will reach out as soon as I can!

Travel Your Way

If you take away anything, I hope you realize that you have so many more options than surfing five different travel sites for hours, waiting for a price to drop. With the click of a button, you can book travel with someone you trust and know that you are contributing to more than just the travel industry; you have helped someone get one step closer to their dream.

On behalf of all Travel Agents, I say “Thank You” to those who are already in support, and “Welcome” to those who are soon to join. As always, thank you for reading and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Nothing but Love.

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