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PlanNet Marketing Is On The Rise

Have you heard the name PlanNet Marketing and wondering what all the hype is? Or maybe someone you know has tried to tell you about this company, so you decided to do some research. Whatever the reason, I’m happy you’re here!

What is PlanNet Marketing?

Founded by Donald Bradley, PlanNet Marketing is a network marketing company that just celebrated it’s three year anniversary. Our founder and visionary has partnered with another company, InteleTravel, thus creating a major powerhouse in both the travel industry and the network marketing field.

The travel industry has long been a part of Mr. Bradley’s life going on 10+ years now, but he knew he had a bigger purpose to fulfill. Using his business expertise and impeccable leadership, he brought to life a truly amazing company. Our number of active agents has quickly surpassed 30,000 in this small time frame and will only increase from here.

By providing the best training, coaching and motivation as possible, PlanNet Marketing has helped InteleTravel double their travel sales revenue for 2018. The culture is not only inspiring and fun, but you truly become part of a family when you partner with this team.

Mr. Bradley has already aided in the creation of now six-figure earners, meaning that the system he has put in place works wonders and there are plenty of mentors to follow if you have a hunger for success.

How Do I Get Paid?

Keeping the travel side out of it, because this post focuses on the network marketing aspect, there are many ways to get paid.

The following is a list of the varying streams of income you can earn

  • Direct sales commission on ITA sales (when someone purchases a travel business)
  • Enroll other Reps & earn override commissions
  • A 50% match on all ITA sales made by your reps
  • Monthly bonuses that grow with each new height you reach
  • And more!

For more information concerning the compensation plan, please visit

Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam?

Travel is our industry, travel is our product, travel is not a scam. It’s mind-boggling how the opportunity to become your own boss can sound like a scam (although I do understand that some companies may not always be as honest as we hope), yet no one questions the hierarchy of whatever company they may work for at the moment.

Can you get-rich-quick? NO. Will you be successful overnight? NO. But what you will be able to do is find purpose, change lives, become a leader, and lay the groundwork for a strong empire that you will soon pay you while you sleep. Imagine two years from now when you are earning residual income and seeing a six figure income.

Owning a business is not for everyone, plain and simple. PlanNet Marketing is a legitimate opportunity that can help people work from home, travel more, earn additional income and then show others how to do the same in their life.

I’m Hungry for More

If you were somewhat familiar with our company before reading this post, and you would like to move forward with signing up or getting more info, please reach out to the person who shared this information with you. If you don’t know anybody who is actively involved in the organization, but you wish to join us or learn more, you may leave a comment below or contact me via email.

You may also visit the following site to read more and sign up, if you’re ready.

Whoever you partner with should help you get off to a great start and the momentum will only grow from there, as long as you work your business. And if you choose to team up with me on this freedom quest, then I assure you that you will gain access to the best of the best when it comes to Leaders and Mentors.

My coaching is delivered by a power couple in the industry who have earned the rank of 3-Star Director and also sport the ruby ring, which translates into a $2,000 guaranteed monthly bonus and monthly earnings of at least $20,833 (on annual track of $250,000). This income is only two streams of the 5+ streams of income they actually see, so their success has brought many others to see success as well as seen in the numbers!

It’s Time for Me To Win

I’m rooting for you, but you have to join the race! Don’t let your job burn you out, stress you out and steal your dreams. If you want a change, then acknowledging the need for change is a great first step. Step number two is implementing the change, otherwise you will never see the change you seek.

I am on a mission to help as many families as possible. A 30-Day Challenge has been bestowed upon me, so now is my time. Is it yours?

Nothing but Love.

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