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How to Work from Home as a Travel Agent – Everything You Need to Know

If you have been wondering what it takes to become a Travel Agent from the comfort of your own home, allow me to help you get started!

Why Join The Travel Industry

It may be a shock to find out that the travel industry has become one of the most lucrative industries out there, bringing to the economy roughly 7.6 trillion dollars in 2016. Not only does this translate as money spent by consumers, but this also shows that there is a huge earning potential in this field.

Your typical travel agent was often pictured as someone sitting behind a desk in a small office, taking inbound calls from people desperate to get away. These days, thankfully, many agents are finding host agencies that show them how to work from home as a travel agent, opposed to being confined to a building.

If that wasn’t enough, once you become an Independent Travel Agent, you unleash a whole new world of income earning potential (not to mention the many ways you can save on your own travel). Although the training offered in this industry is far more than any schooling you can complete, no experience is needed to get your travel business up and running.

With all of that being said, let me remind you that this line of work has been changing lives all around the world. More stay at home parents are able to earn extra income, business owners are being created (which means keeping up with tax write-offs becomes a new hobby), and many have begun to travel more than they ever imagined they would.

When you ask yourself “why travel”, just remember that travel is wealth in more ways than one. You will be more wealthy in time, memories and finances. This opportunity continues to help people retire early and create a Plan B when they didn’t know one was even needed.

How Do I Find Customers

Much like any other business you may consider starting, marketing is going to play a huge role in your success. Much like being a real estate agent, hair stylist, etc., you will want to share your new business with friends and family. Holding a party at your home or even sharing your travel site with those closest to you can spark the conversation.

Your family and friends, as well as any other people you already know, are considered your warm market. These people are familiar with you to an extent and may be willing to support you more readily. But this is not your only way of snagging new clients.

Have you ever found yourself in random conversation with a stranger? Or maybe you received a compliment from somebody which turned into an exchange of social media info or phone numbers. Whatever the case, these are examples of interactions you have with your cold market.

So to share your business with new acquaintances in this category, a business card will be of great use. They may begin talking about a vacation they recently took, or a trip that someone they know is preparing for, and this can become a great way to meet new people for future bookings.

I could go on about more methods used for attracting customers, but this is something covered in training as well. Often, we go in depth on this topic in effort to share what works and what doesn’t, creating even more success within the organization. So have no fear, we got you covered!

Will I Have Any Help

We have a little saying around here that goes something like, “you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself”, and we mean this in every way possible. Joining the world of home based travel agents can seem nerve wracking at first. Now, before you get cold feet, let’s calm those nerves by exploring the culture offered here.

My host agency, InteleTravel, has been around for over 25 years so they are experts in the field. You will have access to a Travel Training course which is a series of videos designed to help you get started with your new business. There are tons of suppliers who offer their own training as well, making it even easier to specialize in a specific type of travel (family vacations, cruises, overseas, etc.). Once you make the decision to specialize in at least one or two categories, this will help you understand your potential client and how to reach them.

InteleTravel also offers live support via online chat or phone, as well as email support. There are webinars, podcasts and in-person events happening every single week. If the training manual, videos, webinars and agent support are not enough, then you still have yet another team of people to fall back on.

You see, when you join the travel business, you have the option to join another business called PlanNet Marketing. Essentially, this company is the only way you can sign up with InteleTravel, and it is done through one of their reps. If you choose to become a rep as well, with PlanNet Marketing, then you have just opened the door of possibility. Not only will you be able to work from home as a travel agent, but you will now be able to help others realize the same dream of becoming a business owner.

Now you will have not only travel experts, but network marketing experts as well, who can guide you through the process. By following the mentorship and being coachable, you will learn everything there is to know about being the best Leader and Travel Business Owner you are capable of. The help is never ending as long as you keep communication open and honest.

How Do I Get Started

By now, you should have more understanding of how to become a Travel Agent from home, a little knowledge behind gaining new clientele, and knowing that you are not alone when partnering with us in this trillion dollar industry.

The items listed below are things that every Travel Agent should have, at minimum:

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Internet

On another note, you will need to make a commitment to your business, both mentally and financially. Now, as we all know, it takes money to make money. The good news is, this opportunity won’t cost you a million bucks. A mere $180 is all it takes to claim your piece of the pie. You will need to maintain your monthly fees in order to stay an active agent, but those monthly costs will never surpass $60, regardless of joining one business or both.

If you would like to learn more about this at home business offer, please contact me by email at, or down below in the comments.

To Sum It Up

Travel is a fun industry, full of people who want to help others live out their daydreams. The network marketing community is there to motivate you, encourage you and help you in both your personal life, and your business. Of course, not everyone is meant to step out of the “employee” role, so this is not for the weak minded.

Must you be the smartest person in the room to learn the operations of a business? No, in fact you should let go of what you think you know and make room for the self-development to come. We are a team of hustlers on a mission to change lives so we are always looking for more warriors.

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from being great. Please know that you won’t learn it all overnight, this is a process. Together, we can achieve all of our goals plus so much more. So what are you waiting for?

Nothing but Love.


  • Mina

    Interesting read!

    This seems to another good way to earn income at home. I observe that people are traveling these days so this is really relevant but quite skeptical with regards on getting customers. Most people, I myself for one, don’t rely on agents.
    Yet, I’m interested to get more information. I think I’m gonna research on this.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Tiffany

      Hello! Yes, it is true that many people are traveling on a daily basis. In regards to getting customers, since I work from home as an Independent Agent, Social Media has been a great way to find clients! But my family and friends were a good starting point as well because who better to have a travel party with than your family, right? Please let me know if you need any help along the way while researching this topic.

      Thank you!

  • Dave

    Hi, Curly Great looking post it’s full of great info and content, you

    cover some very important points within your post also, keep it up.

    Cheers Dave

  • tarun

    Hi Tiffany, good article! I have been considering getting into travel for over a year now but most of the agency charge a huge amount to become their rep? how much does cost to sign up with InteleTravel?

    also you mentioned we dont have to sign up for both InteleTravel & PlanNet but you also said you cant get PlanNet without InteleTravel, so does it mean I can either do Only InteleTravel or Both Intele & PlanNet but NOT PlanNet alone?

    sorry for the questions..but I am keen on getting into this.

    • admin

      Hello, Thank you for reading my article! To answer your first question, it is $179.95 to purchase your travel business alone. In response to your second question, you can do InteleTravel by itself, PlanNet Marketing by itself, or do both if you don’t want to leave any money on the table. The only way to sign up with InteleTravel is to find a PlanNet rep, like myself, because InteleTravel will not let you sign up directly anymore.

      So you can do either side of the business, or both, but if you become a rep with PlanNet first, and then find others who would like to own a Travel Business as well, than you will earn money for every sale. However, if you were to only purchase your business through a PlanNet rep, but not become a rep yourself, then anytime you help someone purchase a travel business, you will NOT earn anything. This is why I signed for both, so I can make income through multiple streams, and not travel alone.

      I would love to chat more and get a better understanding of where you see yourself going in the future, and possibly how travel might help you achieve that vision. You can reach me at if you want to connect. I wish you a wonderful day!

  • Carmeta

    Hello. What an interesting article! I can agree with you about the travel industry being more prevalent than ever. You cover some very important points about travelling in general. Travel is a hobby that most people dream of pursuing and this information definitely help others in doing so.

    Thank you for sharing!

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