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How To Become An InteleTravel Travel Agent

You’ve been researching how to become a travel agent, specifically one who works from home, and then BOOM! Somehow, somewhere, you hear about this travel agency by the name of InteleTravel.

Maybe you have done the research, checked your facts, and have a few more questions before becoming an InteleTravel travel agent yourself. Well, you have stumbled onto the right post. Welcome friend!

About InteleTravel

InteleTravel is a host travel agency, awarding regular people like you and I the opportunity to create a lifestyle built around travel. Having over 25 years of experience in the travel industry, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you can relax knowing you have truly found the best of the best.

James Ferrara, the InteleTravel President, is known as “Creator of the ORIGINAL Travel Agency at Home” and this should not be taken lightly. With partnerships through CLIA, Ensemble and many more, agents have a wide range of tools and resources available at the click of a mouse.

Upon joining this remarkable agency you become a Travel Business Owner, otherwise known as an Independent Travel Agent, and are able to work for yourself.

What Is the Process For Becoming a Travel Agent with InteleTravel?

Once you have made the decision to become CEO of your very own travel operation through InteleTravel, you will need to locate a representative with PlanNet Marketing, a marketing company that James Ferrara, President of InteleTravel, is also a corporate member of. Mr. Ferrara partnered with PlanNet Marketing in order to give travel agents the option to help others become travel business owners as well via network marketing strategies.

Being that these two dynamic companies have come together just three years ago, you will now have the option to own two businesses for a very small investment and low monthly overhead.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page… The first company, InteleTravel, allows you to earn commission on travel you book for yourself and others. The second company, PlanNet Marketing, provides agents with the unique opportunity of being a travel business franchise owner, meaning you can expand your company by helping others become Travel Business Owners as well.

How is this Investment Valuable to Me?

If you ended up on this post, chances are you are unhappy with your current job or maybe you just want to do something more exciting on a daily basis. You may have been in search of finding a travel agency that would bring customers to you via inbound calls and provide you a steady check as compensation, but if you haven’t figured it out yet, this is nothing of the sort.

You will unlock a world of training and leadership like no other. It’s not often that we are able to follow in the steps of six-figure income earners, but this opportunity is all about being a follower until you are ready to lead.

What does this mean? There is a fool-proof system in place that will help you create a life you only daydream of, and you will be coached by those who are evidence of the future you can create within these companies.

Aside from the amazing community you will join, there are some pretty exciting features that come with your business:

  • A personalized website, at no extra charge, that you can share with others who want to book travel with you
  • Free marketing materials from suppliers (brochures, maps, bag tags, etc.)
  • Earn travel commissions
  • Huge supply of training videos, webinars, etc. for continuing your education
  • Access to personalized items with InteleTravel and PlanNet Marketing (cards, banners, shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Guaranteed best prices & VIP travel benefits
  • Agent-Only trips at jaw-dropping rates
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Being a business owner can be difficult which prevents many people from following their dreams. With so many resources available, and mentors that truly want to see you succeed, the real value is in simply making the decision to say “yes” to your future and your freedom.

What are the Costs of Owning a Travel Business?

Let me start by saying, like any other business, there will be initial investments made as well as the need for monthly income to keep production going (rental space, utilities, marketing, employees, etc.).

For instance, if you were thinking of becoming a real estate agent then you know there are fees associated with obtaining your license, which can easily amount to $300 or more, not including other costs associated with selling real estate.

Let’s say you’re a little more ambitious and desire to open a restaurant. Not only do you need a large investment (or an investor) who can help with the cost of a location, but you will need to calculate a budget of the many expenses that will add up every month. Maybe $90,000 for building and supplies? I don’t even want to continue thinking about the costs.

So, keeping that all in mind, here is what it will cost you to get your travel business and/or network marketing business up and running:

  1. Travel Agent startup cost of $179.95
    1. Monthly administration fee of $39.95
  2. PlanNet Marketing rep fee is $19.95 to join
    1. Monthly administration fee of $19.95

*As a reminder, you do not have to be a part of both companies. You can choose to only book travel or to only help others become travel agents. I decided to do both!

Isn’t Network Marketing a Scam?

The biggest scam out here is one in which you work 40 hours a week for 40 years, only to see 40% in retirement funds. Of course there are ways to invest and maximize your money, but the average employee will have spent the majority of their life helping someone else build their brand.

Not everyone can see the “pyramid scheme” within the workforce, but those of us who know that CEO is the only title to hold these days also understand that no such title is easily obtained, especially when chained to a desk for years on end.

Some of the biggest advantages to our companies and products are

  • No product to keep in stock, No Quotas to reach!
  • This is not makeup, shakes, wraps, etc., it is TRAVEL and someone you know is doing it
  • You can be the owner of two business that will only cost you $59.90 per month
  • Daily calls and webinars to encourage you and motivate you
  • The ability to build a legacy for your children, and one they can be proud of

I’m Ready, Coach! What’s Next?

You’ve learned about the companies, there is no question of the value and you are ready to invest in yourself. Great! Just to warn you, NO, you will not get-rich-quick. YES, there will be some sacrifices made. But it’s also true that you will be traveling more, earning additional income, and helping other people change their lives along the way.

To enroll under both businesses, you will need to first become a PlanNet Rep by visiting the site below

Then, you will want to purchase your Travel Business. This step must be done second in order to avoid future complications. You may visit the link below to continue and learn even more about InteleTravel

I appreciate you stopping by and hope that you never give up on your dreams. You deserve freedom, whatever that looks like to you, and now you have a vehicle that can actually help you get there.

Please reach out to me in the comments, or via email at for more information. I am ready to help those who want a change, don’t let the fear of “what if” stop you.

Nothing but Love.

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